The ‘Baseball Brit’ introduce season long journey in Tokyo

The ‘Baseball Brit’ introduce season long journey in Tokyo

Joey Mellows is taking his passion for baseball on the road.
Long haul.

The 34-year-old Englishman, better known by his @BaseballBrit Twitter handle, has quit his day job to watch an entire season of baseball games across three continents.

“Some people were fairly impressed that I was doing something I’m so passionate about,” Mellows said recently at Tokyo Dome, where he kicked off his baseball odyssey by witnessing Ichiro Suzuki’s final games as the Seattle Mariners swept the Oakland A’s in a two-game series.

“My family is very supportive,” Mellows added.”Co-workers were a little bit surprised but I think they’re on board now and they’re following along on Twitter and I think they are a little bit jealous, to be honest.”

Mellows left his job as an English teacher in China for this trip, which he’s hoping will involve watching 162 games in person.

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