Fire Festival in Japan

Fire Festival in Japan

In Japan, Fire Festivals are called “Himatsuri”  the festival with fire. There are different kinds of fire in each area has its unique style of using it.

Most of the fire festivals are held in winters. So, people has to prepare warm cloths, gloves, and so on. In North Japan the temperature will be less than 0 degree Celsius.

   Fire Festivals in Winter

  • Fire Waving Festival in Akita
  • Donto Matsuri in Miyagi
  • Omiya Shrine Arai Festival in Chiba
  • Daizenji Oniyo Fire Festival in Fokuoka
  • Ota Festival in Wakayama

 Fire Waving Festival in Akita

 Fire waving festival taking place in Senboku City, Akita  prefecture, to commemorate the Lunar new year. It’s actually a traditional festival, as it has been going on for 400 years.

Participants swing around burning charcoal sacks tied to roughly one meter ropes, as they pray for huge harvest and good health.

Rings of fire with the glowing snow view in the darkness are really magical! People at the festival serve sweet drinks made from red beans called ‘Oshiruko’. So, you can get warm with the during the festival!

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